Introducing Kiosk

Despite social media driving everything we do onchain, our social and onchain experiences remain fragmented. We think there’s a better way.

Kiosk is a new Farcaster client where social meets onchain. Join the waitlist by minting the NFT at the end of the post.

When onchain social meets onchain commerce, it’s more than just posting, liking, sharing, and commenting. It’s being able to share an image and make it mintable as an NFT with one click. It’s being able to discover and buy the assets your friends are collecting and creating directly in the feed. It’s being able to bring together like-minded collectors and community members in a token-powered channel or group chat. It’s being able to tip, earn, and be notified when anything important happens – all without leaving the app.

We believe that onchain assets are fundamentally social. A social media client that creates a feedback loop between assets and the communities that support them will improve web3 for everyone and bring in the next major wave of users. No more being late to the tokens your friends are buying. No more missing drops from your favorite artists. No more friction when minting, creating or sharing. We believe there's a stronger connection and deeper belonging when assets are truly integrated into social.

As early Farcaster users and enthusiasts, we believe the ecosystem is leading the vision of decentralized social media and we’re excited to build Kiosk alongside a vibrant community of the best builders and creators in the space.

We’ve recently raised $10M to build Kiosk, led by Electric Capital, with support from a16z crypto, USV, and Variant. We are actively hiring our founding team so please reach out!

Join our waitlist to get early access to the Kiosk app by subscribing to Kiosk and minting the NFT!

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